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3-legged bear named Tripod takes 3 cans of White Claw from Florida family’s back yard

A family in Florida recently saw something rather unusual on their home’s security system: A three-legged bear, stealing some White Claw hard seltzers from their outdoor fridge.

Josaury Faneite-Diglio of Lake Mary, Florida, told CBS News she received an alert from her home security system that there was movement by the garage.

“I immediately checked and saw the bear,” she said via Facebook messenger. “But as soon as I saw him walking and limping, I knew it was Tripod.”

Tripod is known in the neighborhood because of the bear’s recognizable trait of only having three legs. “He does not harm,” Faneite-Diglio said. “We are surrounded by wildlife, deers, snakes, coyotes, and bears. This is their habitat. We respect them and give them the space.”

She said she called her son, who was at home and was already aware something was amiss because their dog, Bruno, started barking. Security cameras outside caught Tripod moseying in the yard, and Faneite-Diglio’s son started filming the bear from his position inside the house, capturing the bearr opening an outdoor fridge.

“As you may know, it’s hot here in Florida, so Tripoid the bear needed to refresh, and he decided to go for the White Claws when he opened the cooler,” Faneite-Diglio said.

Images taken after Tripod left show he opened a fridge with a keg in it and he also took out three cans of White Claw hard seltzers. He broke a hole in at least one of the cans, which is how he drank it, Faneite-Diglio said. The bear also approached their fishtank and took fish food, she said.

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