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"The Points Guy" predicts 2024 will be busiest travel year ever. He’s got some tips.

The travel industry is gearing up for 2024 to be the busiest year for travel ever, according to Brian Kelly, founder and CEO of The Points Guy, a website that tracks travel trends.

“You know, just since Thanksgiving, 2.9 million people went through the TSA screening. And with the economy potentially not being as bad as we thought, people are feeling confident, so its going to be a busy year for travel,” Kelly told “CBS Mornings.”

Kelly said some of the top travel destinations for the upcoming year will be Quebec, Cairo, San Diego and Costa Rica.

Despite the busy outlook, Kelly said there is hope for budget-conscious travelers as airfare costs have come down. But he noted that some popular destinations and peak times will have higher costs.

“If you’re gonna go to Europe in the summer, you’re gonna get hit. If you’re trying to go to Asia, like a lot of people are, and New Zealand, airfares can be pretty dicey,” he said.

Kelly recommends using Google Flights, particularly its “Explorer” feature, to find affordable nonstop fares between different cities.

For booking flights, the ideal time frame is three to four months in advance for international trips and six to eight weeks ahead for domestic travel, according to Kelly. He also recommends setting Google alerts when planning your vacation, to get notified if prices drop.

“If it drops below a certain price, you can book, and what I’ll say is there are great fare deals that come and go. Book directly with the airline. You can cancel within 24 hours. So when you see a screeching-hot deal, book it — you have 24 hours, then you take off work and you figure out those logistics,” he said.

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