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Houston children’s hospital offers patients holiday magic beyond the medicine

Houston — Eight-year-old William Wilson will spend Christmas in a hospital room fighting a blood disorder.

Surrounded by machines and tubes is not what a child dreams of for the holidays.

But at Houston’s Texas Children’s Hospital, there’s a magic beyond the medicine, as decorations help transform the hospital’s 16th floor into what looks more like a high-end holiday store.

There’s a Barbie-themed tree, a railroad-themed tree, a Houston Astros-themed tree, a Yoda tree and sweet treats-themed tree.

“It’s so pretty,” patient Marixsa Elizondo said. “It’s so beautiful and colorful!”

Each child can choose one special theme for their room, decorated by people who won’t even meet them.

Wilson went with a Hot Wheels theme.

“I love it,” Wilson said.

Much more than a Christmas tree, it’s the stability of tradition at an uncertain time.

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