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Sacramento’s "Mariachi Bonitas" taking male-dominated mariachi world by storm

In the male-dominated world of Mariachi, the sweet sound of “Mariachi Bonitas de Dinorah Klingler” stands out. The all-female ensemble is keeping Mexican tradition alive and shattering glass ceilings as they do so.

Hispanic Heritage Month begins on Sept. 15 – a time to recognize the contributions of Hispanic Americans in our country. This group of female musicians is taking the Mariachi world by storm.

Founder, Dinorah Klingler formed the group during the pandemic.

“Nobody was doing much at home,” Klingler said. “To lift the spirits of musicians and all of these people… I just decided I am going to give it a chance.”

Klingler was just nine years old when she began her musical journey in Mexico City. In her twenties, she moved to the United States with guitar in hand. She continued her passion in Los Angeles, joining the all-female mariachi, Mariachi Las Adelitas.

She later formed her own mariachi, Mariachi Las Alondras, and went on to perform alongside stars such as Stevie Wonder and Patty LaBelle.

Three years ago, she created the all-female, Sacramento-based “Mariachi Bonitas.”

“We see other women, other young women, get empowered,” Klingler said.

The group now shares their talents with audiences across Northern California — bringing smiles, storytelling and a rich history of Mexico to every celebration.

As they march to their own beat, their story “strikes a chord” with the next generation.

“We want to see more artists, more female musicians say I can do it,” Klingler said. “If they can do it, I can do it.”

The Mariachi Bonitas will be performing live at the Viva Mexico celebration in Southside Park on Sept. 17. They will also perform on Oct. 29 at the Mariachi Festival de Sacramento at Memorial Auditorium.

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