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Pet insurance for dogs: 3 smart moves owners should make

With inflation still hurting the wallets of millions of Americans and interest rates meant to tame it the highest they’ve been in decades, many are taking a stronger look at their investments and personal finances. This should also include a second look at existing insurance policies and protections.

Insurance is often a vital (and, in some cases, mandatory) way to protect yourself during times of accident or emergency. And while many are familiar with the popular types, pet owners can also secure some protection for their dogs and cats with a new pet insurance policy.

This is particularly helpful for dog owners, who spend more time outdoors, more often, than their feline counterparts. To get the most out of a prospective policy, especially in today’s economic climate, owners should be judicious about how they approach the process as well as the provider they ultimately choose. To this end, there are multiple smart moves owners should make now to get the very best pet insurance for their dog.

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Pet insurance for dogs: 3 smart moves owners should make

Here are three smart moves owners should make as they pursue a pet insurance policy for their pup.

Shop around for lenders

Shopping around to compare prices and options is key to making a smart financial decision. It’s no different for pet insurance policies, even if the type of insurance is bit less traditional than, say, a car insurance plan. And with so many pet insurance companies currently on the market and vying for your business, it’s relatively simple to find a policy that works for you and your furry friend.

Most experts would recommend getting quotes from at least three different providers to establish a baseline to compare against. Just make sure to obtain quotes for the same types of coverage. So, if you’re getting a quote for an accident-only policy for a 2-year-old Golden Retriever, make sure to get quotes from a second and third provider for the same type, age and breed. This will allow you to complete a true apples-to-apples comparison.

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Consult your veterinarian

If you have a veterinarian that you trust and feel comfortable with (or were using one you liked with a previous pet), then consider asking their opinion about pet insurance. They can help advise you on what protections and policy types you may need — and which you may be better off skipping.

Because they’re well-versed in your pet’s health, and are familiar about your dog’s breed, they can help you tailor a policy specific to your pet. By doing so, you’ll avoid paying extra for protections you are unlikely to need — and are unlikely to use.

Understand costs per breed

Speaking of dog breeds, not every one will cost the same. Not only is there not a uniform cost for pet insurance for dogs, owners can expect to see a wide range of prices depending on the specific breed in question. So, if you don’t yet have a dog but are planning on purchasing or adopting one, make sure to understand the price differential before taking home your new pet. And if you already have a dog, understand that you may pay more (or less) depending on the breed in question. That’s why it makes sense to buy pet insurance early in your pet’s life, when it’s the least expensive. This can help offset any breed-related extra costs.

The bottom line

In today’s economy, consumers need to be smart about where they spend their money. While pet insurance may seem like an extra cost upfront,it can potentially save owners significant sums of money over the long haul. For dog owners, in particular, it’s smart to first shop around to find the best and most-cost effective provider available. They should also consider speaking with their veterinarian to more effectively tailor a prospective policy. And they should do their research and understand that different breeds will come with different needs and insurance costs.

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