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McDonald’s ditching McFlurry spoon for more sustainable option

The iconic McDonald’s McFlurry spoon, which has spurred years of questions because of its unique hollow handle, is on its way out, the fast-food chain said Tuesday.

McDonald’s will start serving up McFlurrys with the same type of spoon the chain serves with its sundaes, which are smaller and use less plastic than the McFlurry spoons.

“This small change will help reduce single-use plastic waste in restaurants – while giving customers the same delicious McFlurry they know and love,” McDonald’s said. “That’s a win-win in our book.”

The current McFlurry spoon has a hollow handle that attaches to the machine McDonald’s uses to mix McFlurrys so it can be used as a spindle to mix the frozen treat. Many customers have tried to use the handle as a straw over the years.

“IDK who needs to hear this but the McFlurry spoon is not a straw,” the chain wrote on X, the platform formerly known as Twitter, in one of its many reminders about the spoon’s design.

McDonald’s restaurants are transitioning to a reusable spindle for its McFlurry machines that will be swapped out and cleaned after each McFlurry is made.

In 2018, McDonald’s announced plans to cut greenhouse gas emissions. One of its changes in Europe also impacts the McFlurry; McDonald’s locations in Europe are serving McFlurry cups without lids.

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