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A Louisiana fugitive was captured in Mexico after 32 years on the run — and laughs as he’s handcuffed

A Louisiana fugitive who has been on the run for 32 years was finally captured in Mexico this week — and video released by the FBI shows him laughing as he’s being handcuffed.

Greg Lawson, now 63, skipped town before a jury found him guilty of attempted second degree murder in 1991, the FBI said. He was finally caught thanks to a tip received by FBI New Orleans, federal officials said.

On Thursday night, the FBI posted video from the Bienville Parish Sheriff’s Office that shows Lawson being escorted by authorities at an airport. Lawson can be seen laughing just before an officer cuffs the fugitive more than three decades after he left the country.

“The three-decades-long search for a man convicted of attempted murder is over, thanks to a tip received by FBI New Orleans,” the agency wrote on social media. “This morning, 63-year-old Greg Lawson is back in a Louisiana jail awaiting action by Bienville Parish authorities.”

Authorities found and arrested Lawson in Huatulco, Mexico on Tuesday. Agents in Shreveport and Mexico worked with FBI Headquarters and immigration authorities to find and deport Lawson for immigration violations.

Lawson had been accused of trying to shoot Seth Garlington after a dispute at a gas station in 1991, according toKTBS. Garlington survived, but Lawson skipped town before a jury found him guilty of attempted second degree murder.

The FBI launched a search for Lawson in May 1991 and throughout the years responded to various tips and alleged sightings. From the beginning, the FBI suspected Lawson had fled to Mexico.

“We want to thank our partners and the public in this case, who never gave up hope that justice could be served for Mr. Lawson’s victim,” said Douglas A. Williams Jr., special agent in charge of FBI New Orleans. “There is no doubt that Mr. Lawson might still be in the wind if our partners in Mexico had not been willing to deal with this so swiftly.”

Earlier this year, a man who was on the FBI’s Top 10 Most Wanted Fugitives was also arrested in Mexico.

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