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DraftKings apologizes for 9/11-themed bet promotion

Sports betting website DraftKings has apologized after offering a 9/11-themed bet on their platform on Monday, the day that maked22 years since the terrorist attacks.

DraftKings’ “Never Forget” bet was a three-team parlay that would reward bettors if the New York Jets, Mets and Yankees all won on Sept. 11, since all three had scheduled games. However, many on social media were quick to call out the Boston-based company, prompting them to apologize.

“We sincerely apologize for the featured parlay that was shared briefly in commemoration of 9/11,” DraftKings said. “We respect the significance of this day for our country and especially for the families of those who were directly affected.”

Brett Eagleson, whose father was killed in the World Trade Center attack, told the Associated Press that the offer was “tone-deaf.”

“It is shameful to use the national tragedy of 9/11 to promote a business,” said Eagleson, who now runs an organization called 9/11 Justice for families and first responders affected by the attacks. “We need accountability, justice and closure, not self-interest and shameless promotion.”

Nearly 3,000 people were killed after four planes were hijacked by attackers from the Al Qaeda terrorist group. Two planes flew into the World Trade Center’s Twin Towers in New York. One plane was flown into the Pentagon. Another aircraft crashed into an open field in Pennsylvania after passengers fought back —the only plane that didn’t reach its intended destination.

It’s not the first time a company has had to backtrack after using 9/11 for promotional purposes.

In 2016, Walmart apologized for a display of Coke cans stacked to look like the World Trade Center at a Florida store. The display was removed after it was mocked online when a photo was posted on Twitter.

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