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Costco now offering virtual medical care for $29

For just under the cost of six Costco rotisserie chickens — still $4.99 after more than a decade — members of the warehouse club can visit a doctor online.

Online marketplace Sesame is partnering with the retail “members only” giant to offer Costco members virtual primary care for $29 in all 50 states, the New York-based startup said Monday in a blogpost.

The health care services listed via a link on the Costco Pharmacy’s homepageinclude virtual checkups involving a standard lab panel and virtual follow-up with a doctor for $72, and virtual mental health visits.

Sesame said it targets the uninsured and those with high deductibles who need to pay cash. It doesn’t accept health insurance to help keep prices low.

“Quality, great value and low price are what the Costco brand is known for,” David Goldhill, Sesame’s co-founder and CEO, stated. “When it comes to health care, Sesame also delivers high quality and great value — and a low price that will be appreciated by Costco Members when it comes to their own care.”

The move has Costco following other major retailers in offering health care services. Amazon provides around-the-clock remote access to third-party health care providers and Walmart Inc. runs in-store medical clinics.

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