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Colorado man wins $5 million lottery jackpot. His first move? To buy a watermelon and flowers for his wife.

When a Colorado man won millions in the state’s lottery, he made some unusual purchases.

Waldemar “Bud” Tasch was on a backpacking trip in the wilderness with his dog when his winning number was called, the Colorado Lotto+ said in a news release. When he came home, he found that he won a $5,067,041 jackpot.

Rather than take monthly checks, he took the cash option, meaning that Tasch brought home $2,533,520. His first move after the win was to buy himself a watermelon — and buy his wife some flowers.

“I was very pleasantly surprised,” his wife, Bonnie Tasch, told CBS Colorado. “He doesn’t normally buy me flowers so that was very sweet.”

The lottery news release described Tasch as an “avid outdoorsman” who lives in Colorado half the year. Tasch told CBS Colorado that he lives in Arizona the other six months of the year. He plays the lottery every month in Colorado, always using the same lucky numbers, he told CBS Colorado.

In addition to the small purchases he made immediately after winning, Tasch said he may expand a beloved collection.

“I like classic cars and I have a few already, so maybe I’ll get another,” he told CBS Colorado. He’ll also “get a financial planner and a banker” and “likely invest” the money.

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