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CBS Mornings Deals: This red light skincare wand is 53% off

This week on “CBS Saturday Morning,” lifestyle expert Gayle Bass discussed deals on items that might make your life easier — all at exclusive discounts. Discover this week’s exclusive deals below andvisit CBSDeals.comor text “CBS” to 65000 to take advantage of them today.

Disclaimer: CBS earns commissions on purchases made through CBSDeals.com. Deals available for a limited time and while quantities last. Prices may change from the date of publication.

Wush Powered Ear Cleaner Deluxe by Black Wolf

The Wush Ear Cleaner by Black Wolf uses a massaging triple jet stream that should help loosen and prevent wax buildup. It includes three pressure settings. It can be used in the shower. Make sure to use this rechargeable ear cleaner with warm water only, as room temperature and cold water can cause dizziness. It’s on sale for 35% off.

Wush Powered Ear Cleaner Deluxe by Black Wolf, $45 (regularly $70)

CBS Deals

Solawave Skincare Wand with Red Light Therapy & Microcurrent

This skincare wand combines red light therapy, microcurrent therapy, facial massage and therapeutic warmth that are designed to help reduce the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, dark circles, blemishes and dark spots. It’s on sale for 53% off.

Solawave Skincare Wand with Red Light Therapy & Microcurrent, $70 (regularly $149)

CBS Deals

Laundry Detergent Sheets by Clean People

Clean People laundry detergent sheets are made without plastic, parabens, phosphates, added dyes and chlorine. Each package of laundry strips gives you enough for 96 loads. It’s 27% off at CBS Deals.

Laundry Detergent Sheets by Clean People, $24 (regularly $33)

CBS Deals

Baseball Bat Mugs by Dugout Mugs

These mugs are created by hollowing out the barrel of a bat. The double-sealed mug can hold 12 ounces of liquid. Choose from all your favorite MLB teams. Get one for 30% off at CBS Deals.

Baseball Bat Mugs by Dugout Mugs, $49 (regularly $70)

CBS Deals

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